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Price: USD 50-200

It is gaharu which has been made round and very good as " korean Hio " , Dupa, or chinesee pray

Gaharu SUPER
Gaharu SUPER

Price: USD 3.000

Blackwood from Pekan Baru / Aceh
Price USD 3.000 / kg
Stock 18 kg

This Kind of blackwood is under gubal class but above the AB class

Agarwood Oil Kambodjia
Agarwood Oil....

Price: USD

Pure Agarwood oil from Cambodjia , Very good for your Mixing Oil
( limited stock)

1 Tola Usd 22

Minyak Gaharu/ Agarwood oil AB class
Minyak Gaharu/ ....

Price: USD

1. AB Kalimantan No.2
1 Tola USD 75

2. AB Sumatera No. 2
1 Tola USD 55

3. AB Kalimantan No.3
1 Tola USD 45

4. AB Sumatera No.3
1 Tola USD 35

Agarwood Oil Distillation
Agarwood Oil....

Price: USD 15

Blackwood Oil Distillation, The cheapest one , fit for perfume

1 Tola USD 15

Minyak Gaharu/ Agarwood oil Super
Minyak Gaharu/ ....

Price: USD

1. Super Kalimantan / Malino / Tarakan
1 Tolah USD 150

2. Super Sumatera
1 Tolah USD 90

Gaharu/ Blackwood ( Pekanbaru) ,  Gubal class
Gaharu/ Blackwood ( ....
[Jan. 21, 2009 12:38:24]

Price: USD 4.100

Now we finally have stock for GUBAL , first class blackwood

Come from Pekan Baru , Riau and Aceh
Price : USD 4.100 / kg

Gaharu Kelas Teri
Gaharu Kelas Teri
[Jan. 21, 2009 12:33:11]

Price: usd 100/kg

Teri class
Price usd 100/ kg
Dry from a tree, these come from Sumbawa, papua & borneo

Kayu ornamen
Kayu ornamen
[Nov. 9, 2008 5:04:01]

Price: usd 300 ea

This wood is very nice and difficult to find , only in Indonesia

Hiasan KAPAL dari KAYU langka
Hiasan KAPAL dari....

Price: USD 150

This souvenir made from Indonesian woods, which has strong taste & natural color .
We can provide you by request, now we have 2 pcs
Dim 30cm x 40 cm


Price: USD 50 / kg

This is syntetic gaharu from Indonesia , lower quality from KACE A, we have 80 kg stock


Price: USD 50 /KG

This is also syntetic gaharu in lower quality compare to SANAI
We also has a lot of stock if you want, but now available for 50 kg


Price: USD 75

tHIS IS gAHARU syntetic from Indonesia, we have a lot of stock if you want, now available until 50 kg

Merauke AB 2
Merauke AB 2

Price: USD 350 / kg

This product is the best gaharu in our stock, we have 10 kg and this is fast moving product

Gaharu Kalimantan Borneo AB 2
Gaharu Kalimantan....

Price: USD 300 / kg

Taken from Borneo Island of Indonesia, Has better quality than class no.3
We have only 5 kg in stock

Gaharu Merauke AB 3
Gaharu Merauke AB 3

Price: USD 150/kg

Came from Papua , we have in stock 10 kg, this is only for class 3 gaharu woods

Gaharu Sumatera AB3
Gaharu Sumatera AB3

Price: USD 150 / kg

This is only low class quality AB ,
We only have 10kg right now but we can provide you more than that

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